What will happen now on Jan 29th?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by newguy05, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. The bears were right, it WOULD been a bloodbath, as evident by the market open -400 pt drop even with the 75 bps cut. But eventually cooler heads and bargain hunters prevailed.

    I think the market will be ok this week, maybe even a little bullish. It's now the shorts turn to be nervous for a while.

    But the main question now is, what will happen on the next fed meeting Jan 29th? Will they cut the rates again? And if they dont, will it cause another huge selloff?

    I really think bennie is awful as the fed chairmain and has an identity crisis. If he wanted to be like alan greenspan, should just cut the rate by 50 bps at beginning of new year, followed by a 25 bps cut at Jan 29th. The market would be in a much better shape/confidence. As oppose to this 75 emergency cut and dug himself and EVERYONE ELSE in a hole

    I am very nervous on how the market will react on jan 29th if there isnt another cut.
  2. no rate cut. markets will be fine.
  3. It's actually the 30th.
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    no rate cut next week and say hello to dow 11250-11500. I think they will cut, how much is another story, I think they will only cut .25, the .75 cut today surprised me, market is barely positive, would have been better for them to not do anything today and wait for the meeting.
  5. WRONG! Bernanke's a PUSSY. Soon rates will be 1% or 0%, then the Fed will be out of bullets....

    Who will come to the rescue at the next "Dow down -5% CRISIS?"... what will we do THEN in our phoney-baloney financially engineered markets?
  6. well i think today 75 cut would caused a huge rally if not for the previous 2 day market crash around the world...but then if the world markets didnt crash we wouldnt get the 75 cut...chicken and egg..hmm

    Anyway as long as we get some kind of cut, even 25bps it would be good at the next fed meeting. (of course speaking strictly, or rather selfishly about the stock market only, how all this impacts the economy in the long term i dont even wanna go there, just terrible)
  7. agreed, if the market is still a trainwreck like it is now, we are in deep shit. Hopefully i would have all my longs closed by then :D