What will Google close at today(4/18/08)?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wickcity, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. wickcity


    Everyone knows it will gap up this morning, but where will it end up today.

    My guess is 515.
  2. I dunno

    Google is trading like a small cap. When was the last time a $150+ billion dollar company went up 17% in a single day?

    The momo guys havn't left google. This ain't cisco. This ain't ebay.
  3. wickcity


    I agree with you about the cisco and ebay part.
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  5. volcanik


    It will probably end up around $545 since it has a lot of momentum today. Monday might be a down day, however analysts are probably writing up their schnoozy reports as we speak and will praise it with glory next week. That combined with upgrades will probably keep it around $550-600 level for a few weeks.

    If Apple beats earnings on Wed., goog will most likely shoot up further with the rest of tech.

    Thats my 10 cents my first 2 are free
  6. Goog is up 96, looks like its going for 100 point day, ouch on the short side, no quarter so far.
  7. Lynn_cn


    I think it goes 535
  8. I've heard vaseline sales just gone up due to the shorts.

    It'll close just a tad below 550 with a battle going on at that strike at the last hour.
  9. gets pinned at 540.
  10. volcanik


    good call
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