What will Germany say tomorrow to increase spreads VS Bund ?

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    Germans are hard workers: an announcement a day keeps Europe at bay. :D

    Today, Monday, 14 November 2011.
    They have been busy, because italian BTP-BUND spread was too low:
    Merkel allows voluntary exits from euro area, Bundesbank´s Weidmann against ECB intervention. Spread rises from 450 to 492, good job.

    Now let's think something for the week.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday 15:
    Some comment about Italy... Italy must bailout itself, and the EFSF is not ready.

    Wednesday 16:
    Jurgen Stark, he's been too quiet lately: ECB should not become the lender of last resort.

    Thursday 17:
    Bundesbank is against ECB intervention, ECB should end SMP programme soon.

    Friday 18:
    Something new and exotic, some comment about Spain or Belgium.

    Tomorrow we will see. :D
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