What will ET Klan Members do When Obama Wins?

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  1. It's evident the resident ET KKK'ers are going nuts.

    You can almost feel their sheer desperation.

    Some of these half-wits are posting slander and libel in a robotic manner.

    Each probably has all the trading screens open and posting on every forum they can, as if it will change anyone's mind.

    The only individuals who believe what they post are half-wit KKK'ers like themselves.
  2. The entire fucking republican party is imploding.

    This POS party is going to end up like Thatchers conservative party.



    PARIS (AFP) - Dennis Hopper, the US actor-director perhaps best known for the 1969 road-movie "Easy Rider", is praying for victory by Barack Obama in next month's elections, he said on Monday.

    He's "Praying"?

    wow, since when did people actually "pray" for a politician to win.

  3. ^

    Man, you need your head checked

    Don't worry. Seeing a shrink will be soon be free for people on welfare.

    You can thank your father Obama.
  4. a black man doesn't know the difference between his head and his ass, how is he supposed to check anyones head

    thanks but no thanks

    oh and by the way it's not welfare it's warfare obama is gonna hand out to you black people, when he has you all sent back to africa
  5. The anti-Obama people on Nov.5 will be calling our accountants and advisors. We will seek to arrange our assets into tax favorable positions.

    Us small business owners will be reducing exposure to the union onslaught, regulation and government mandates. We will maintain lower levels of employees to avoid brackets that kick in greater government oversight.
    We look forward to dumping our employee healthcare onto the government program.

    To avoid the Obama income tax we will alter our income away from salary and shift into capital income, options, loan repayments, deferred income.

    The key will be to lock up our assets, no more risk taking, no more seeding small businesses, reduce exposure from hiring additional employees. Just wait out the 4 years.
  6. @Mercor

    Good Points

    and add to that; fire the useless black employees we had hired only so we could get government contracts

    after 4 years, we'll buy them, not hire them
  7. Finance crisis is not all to be blamed on affirmative action. No, I can not believe that collapse of banks is the fault of black people.
    Affirmative action has many faults, but banking and finance collapse is the fault of high leverage by lending instituitions. It was greed.
  8. Nope, those lenders were mandated by the US Govt to make bad loans. They dutifully did that but they had to sell off the risk or cease to exist, then some found they could make LOTS of loans and sell off LOTS of risk because the US Govt would let them, so they did... I like to think they were giving Clinton the finger while they were making TONS of money...

    Anyhow I think we are experiencing a communist takeover. A guy is putting a measure on the ballot in California to tax high earning Californians with a one-time 50% payment. These Mexicans in California will vote for it. They don't think past next week.
  9. How are Obama'a peeps preparing for a loss?

    I believe that are collecting spare bricks to be used for looting.
    They are patching up the holes in their canvas looting bags. Depending on where they are, bags left over from the last NBA championship.

    Rev. Jesse and Wright getting their "whitey" speeches out from the bottom drawer.

  10. I think lenders saw opportunity to create ARM morgage (Adjustable Rate Morgage) This morgage is not fixed rate of interest. So the lender knows it will be rated AAA becasue it is covering the risk of the risky lender by asking for more money in future...that is the adjustable rate which will happen in the future. But it was stupid because who care if the interest rate on the loan go up in the future...if the person can not pay the loan NOW, then how can they pay in the FUTURE? It was the lenders way of approving very bad loans to poor and uneducated and greedy people. It was greed on both side of the bet..the lender and the borrower. So no...it was not all poor, or black people, or minority fault. It was both fault. The poorer people trying to game a system, and the lender trying to game a system.
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