What Will Change With 4 More Years of Obama?

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    What I find puzzling is the number of editorials backing Barack Obama for another four years. We haven't had enough pain already?

    Since taking office in January 2009, three million more Americans are out of work, the national debt has grown by $5 trillion, partisan gridlock is worst than ever and America's standing in the Muslim world is no higher than it was under George W. Bush, Iran remains a powder keg. And let's not forget the campaign promises that Guantanamo would be closed within his first year in office and that global warming would be seriously addressed by the United States if Obama was elected.

    Obama has said numerous times how he had inherited a mess from George Bush: the bad economy, the national debt issue, the banking crisis, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that led to so many foreclosures.

    Gee, nothing has been his doing in the last three and one-half years? Or has it?

    Well, spending is not done from the White House, but from Congress, and the Democrats took control of Congress on Jan. 3, 2007. That's right, Jan. 3, 2007, not Jan. 22, 2009.

    The Democratic Party controlled both the House and Senate. At the time of the change to Democrats, the Dow Jones closed at 12,621.77, gross domestic product growth was 3.5 percent, unemployment was 4.6 percent, and the country had seen a record of 52 consecutive months of job growth.

    Democrats were placed in charge of the House financial services and the Senate banking committees, which controlled and set the policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. So Obama inherited what from whom? What will change with four more years of President Obama?

    Norman L. Mitchell Sr.

  2. 2 years ago it was "No way Obamas getting a 2nd term"

    A year ago it was "Will Obama get a 2nd term ?"

    Now its whats Obamas going to do in his 2nd term

    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think if reelected he's gonna steam roll congress with executive orders. Know way he's gonna play along with Mr. Turtle and the obstruction clan
  4. "If Obama gets re-elected he will inherit a real mess this time !!!"
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    He'll likely not be able to do anything with a hostile congress.
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    You are right. Obama will toss the constitution out the window and try to rule as a dictator through executive order. Unless the Senate goes Republican he will get away with it, too.

    I can see him blaming Obama v.1 for the problems. The new Obama v.2 will say he is going to fix them with a new aggressive push toward socialism.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    He's not going to get away with anything. He won't be able to do jack shit with a hostile congress. He's destined to four years of nothingness. And we're destined to walk down that bleak path with him.
  8. I think you're wrong. He will "get away with everything"... because Congress won't step up and prevent him.

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    What Will Change With 4 More Years of Obama?

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    Tsing Tao is a pretty smart guy, probably knows more about this stuff than I do.

    BUT Odumbo has shown utter disdain for the Constitution and is all too quick to issue executive orders that completely circumvent congress.

    So while a republican congress, should they even take the senate, would slow him down some. I'm not confident it would stop him entirely.
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