What will Bush do in `08?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Apr 6, 2006.

If a democrat wins the Whitehouse in 2008, Bush will:

  1. Suspend the constitution and declare martial law to stay in power

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  2. Claim terrorists rigged the election and refuse to give up power

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  3. Imprison the winner, and stay in the Whitehouse

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  4. Have the winner killed and stay in the Whitehouse

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  5. More than one of the above

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  6. Transfer power to the new president

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  1. TGregg


    Just wondering what CCers expect from Bush if the GOP stands to lose the Oval Office.
  2. he'll drink himself to death
  3. He'll have to enter the witness protection program and disappear.
  4. He will become the first MexAmerican president, because USA and Mexico will merge this year after the Amnesty is implemented..
  5. Ricter


    Where is the "He'll smirk" choice?
  6. Will he make it to 2008? I think that is the question. I swear everyday something new comes out that he could be impeached over.

  7. Ricter


    If one thing comes out, it can be Swiftboated. If two things come out, they can be justified as necessary in the war on terror. If three or more things come out, then it's clearly a conspiracy against him.

    So yeah, he'll make it.
  8. Arnie


    I used to think the same thing about the previous occupant of the White House. Funny, uh?
  9. Me too...

    ....I find it even more amazing that otherwise rational people still attempt to defend either one of these fools.

    Or even worse...people who still admit to voting for these dumb fucks....twice.

    Pitiful….shameful and comical.

  10. You left out the
    "travel extensively on the lucrative speaking tour circuit, to back up what a heckuva job he did, load up on meaningless board and directorship advisory positions,
    become a spokesman for evangelical organisations, to back up what a great christian he is,
    and fall off his bycicle on the ranch. a lot"

    Think about it-you think clinton was/is in demand for lobbyist/corporate advisory roles, well gwb is the KING of pork barrel.
    #10     Apr 6, 2006