What whould happen if there were a terrorist attack with atomic-bombs?

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  1. What would happen to the financial markets and the world economy?
    Would this turn a recovery back into a recession?

    How much the Dow would fall?

    What would happen to the US financial markets and the US economy if the blast were outside the US?

    I ask this after watching Nicholas Cage' Next TV series.
    This got me thinking.
  2. SPY -3%, new highs within a week.
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    Right now it looks like the only way to stop the rally is to blow up the exchanges themselves.

    Heck, with all this automatic trading systems even if the human race would become extinct overnight the rally will continue
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    Mr Pain

    If there is a terrorist attack with nuclear weapons do you really think that there would be no retaliation and the country attacked will wait for an investigation that lasts years? That’s what the Iranians don’t get. If they have weapons and a weapon is used they are through. So is North Korea etc…
    Dow down 80%. Buy pharms and defense not in the strike area. You should have iodine pills and at least 30 days of food on hand if you are not in a food producing area. Look which way the wind blows and see what could be affected.
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    Duct Tape ---> 3M

    Hmm. :)
  6. Fanciful stuff. There's no evidence that any "terrorists" have a nuclear weapon.

    It is conceivable that somebody could blow up some radioactive material in some sort of dirty bomb and kill a few dozens of people. It may not be nice, but it's orders of magnitude less serious than a genuine nuclear device.
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    Actually, the effect is kinda the same. No, the buildings aren't vaporized but the entire blast area is poisoned for, say, 90-100 years (half-life of whatever). If a dirty bomb was used in the middle of a city that city would likely be abandoned because it would be prohibitively expensive to demolish the structures in the poisoned area without poisoning the remaining city occupants outside of the contaminated zone.

    Its serious and they can do it with medical nuclear material. The US would be reluctant to respond with real nuclear weapons, particularly if the bad guys are rag-ass terrorists with no fixed nationality and living in a cave in Waziristan.