What were your/my Fees + Commissions per share?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ps0013, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. ps0013


    Today I traded:


    $759.53 total fees+commission=

    .0083 c per share

    What did you pay today??????
  2. That's a very high volume intraday activity, did u profit a lot?
  3. What is your broker or firm?
  4. Dustin


    That's pretty high. Yesterdays data...

    $1030 comm+fee


    Even my rate is a bit high for this day in age.
  5. spup345


    You shouldn't really be paying more than .005/share if you are trading that many shares. I average around .005 for the year and trade millions of shares/year. I may switch to a lower commission broker if I can negotiate it (currently using IB).

    Any suggestions? I tend to remove liquidity though.
  6. ps0013


    Dustin, thanks your post is exactly what I was hoping to see, but very few responses...I was just lowered to .005 com w/out any other fees...I'll see what it looks like in a week. Ialso seem to be taking liquidity all of the time, so I guess I will see if I can add without changing my style too much...where do you stand with the liquidity issue?
  7. Aok


    If you're moving 2mil (ie 100k/day) in vol/month that rate is too high. .005 or better can be had.

    5mil you can get sub .002

    But you may have other requirements:

    License, BP, platform fees?

    Definitely can get lower if this is a consistent share per day activity