What website do you feel helps you most in your trading

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cashonly, Jul 11, 2005.

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    We all know there are a ton of websites out there that are ralated to trading. I was curious as to what website people feel help them MOST in their trading.

    These can be news sites, charts sites, picks sites, education sites, whatever you feel helps you most on a regular basis in your trading and almost feel are indispensible.

    Please feel free to list more than one if there are multiple sites that you feel this way about.

    I'll start it out with EliteTrader :D The educational benefits are undeniable!

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  3. Cash -

    Honestly? None. Watching the markets for 4 years and grinding it out the hard way through experience was my best teacher.
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    elitetrader.com :p
  5. Yahoo Finance
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  7. With tons info there on the net, i used to jump
    from one branch to another branch like a bird.
    and i found this slowing down my learning curve.

    King of all trades, master of non

    Now, i have taken one path, I use Tradestation forum,
    supporting forums, EL scripts studies and strategies,
    related TS articles, trying out 3rd party software solution
    made for any shortcoming in TS platform

    Now, i think a bite more but less confused than before
    (posting less on ET as well) :)
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    newratings.com has some stuff on there I don't elsewhere.
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