What we will replace Iraq war with? (Keynesianism)

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  1. What we will replace Iraq war with? (Keynesianism)
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    Domestic infrastructure and green energy initiatives? (Both of which are needed.)
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    Just look at the polical tone these days, the next war is on capitalism. I hope globalization and global competition prevents governments from suceeding
  4. next war is on capitlism.

    Socialism is the "Enemy".

    OBAMA has come out and delayed the assult on Capitlism, as he stated that he may not be able to follow through on promises he made.

    However, he and the Socialist party in Congress are gearing up for the first wave of attacks. Going Green, with heavy taxes on cars, road tolls, OR is leading the way with tracking miles driven. New Energy pick, she is part of the Global Sociaist movement, on the Radical Green effort world wide.

    Second assult will come in the way of Massive Reform to the "Stock Market", with more regulations on top of current regulations that have yet to work.

    Third and final assult will be on 'Freedom'. The collective good will try and determin what is good or bad for citizen.
  5. Well the US better do something about energy. If one is to believe the energy markets were NOT manipulated in recent years then it would appear that higher energy prices are bound to become a chronic problem in the future. So a long term investment in energy efficiency and alternatives makes a lot of sense. Or are you saying that society should simply deal with the problem when it gets there? Back to the same short term thinking that has created the current financial mess?
  6. I really think some folks are a little extreme on some of these policies...

    If most countries in the world have government-funded health care, and the US doesn't, isn't the burden for paying for the health care placed on US companies?

    Doesn't this kill potential profit margins, ultimately making US companies less competitive?

    Doesn't this hurt us competitively in an expanding global economy?

    Am I taking crazy pills here or what?
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    There is no free lunch. one way or the other tax payers will have to pay for the health care either through private premiums or government taxes. the broader question is, should the US do something just because a bunch of other countries are doing it?I believe the answer is no
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    'next war is on capitlism'

    true, but on the 'crony capitalism'.......... in which CEOs make $15M for 6 months of work even if company made a loss and people like Madoff and Milken spend jail time in country club type set ups.
  9. no offense college trader but It does not surprise me that you feel that way. I think I was one of the few who was able to attended a Private University ,where Socailism was not pushed and capitlism was a positive thing. 90% of the Universities now have a serious agenda and it is not education.

    Universal Health care will cause your taxes to rise. Takes more money out of your pocket, from your hard work in the name of the "Collective Good".

    Second, what governmental orginization, fund (SSN, Wealfair, Medcare, etc) has ever worked proper? When the government gets involved, that is a very dangerous situation. Hell, even the SEC could not catch Madoff.

    Third, we had a 27% increase in our Health Care cost last year. I work for a private, Private Equity Firm. We still posted record profits with that 27% increase. So, while it does "effect" the bottom line, a healthy company will still make profit.

    Fourth, why would one study 8 years, pay outrages malpracte insurance when their salary will cap, under Socailism. What would happen to Medschools? Why do all those Doctors from all those "Universal Health Care" countries try and come to the US to practice med?

    Universal Health Care is a very bad and dangerous idea.

    I am for some Reform with the Insurance agencies. Why should I pay for a High Risk profile. Let the High Risk pay 5X the rate then the rest of those who are healthy. Maybe then , being "FAT" will not be accepted as it is now adays, unless it is a medical condition.
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    As someone else said, there is no free lunch. Someone pays for it, regardless. The question is, what does the goverment do (other than the Military) that yields better efficiency than the private sector?

    Socialized health care =

    1. much more money being spent (you and I pay for it regardless).

    2. much less efficient (more time wasted). Going to a GP/FP will now take 2-3 hours, rather than 45minutes (think DMV).

    3. slower advances, as the goverment will be forced to eliminate much of the incentive for device/pharm companies to R&D new products.
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