What We Can Learn From Liberals

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  1. As any liberal will let you know in the first 30 seconds of a conversation, they are far more intelligent and sophisticated than the rest of us, particularly those laughable yokels who are Christian. What can we learn from these intellectual giants, particularly in how they approach politics?

    1. Don't discuss issues. Call your opponents names, "Hitler" for example or "racist." "Hater" is also a good all purpose conversation stopper.

    2. Declare any subject that you prefer not to debate as "off limits." No decent person will debate affirmative action. Doing so could hurt the feelings of a person of "color."

    3. Rhymes are good. If you can rhyme something, it makes it true. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." "Bush lied, people died." You get the idea.

    4. Religion is dangerous. It has led to wars. Religious people are intolerant, the opposite of what good liberals are. For example, Christians actually oppose homosexuality, abortion, same sex marriage, gay adoption, adultery, drug use and foul language. Those are pretty much the Democrat Party platform, along with more money for teachers' unions, err I mean "education." ps. Disregard all this for Muslims, who are peaceful and victims of BushHitler and Israel, a religious and therefore intolerant and violent country.

    5. Elections are dangerous and best avoided. Since most of the people are ignorant, bigoted and easily swayed by hatefilled, homophobic, racist pandering, it is better to enact enlightened policies through the courts, government bureaucrats and international bodies rather than democratically.

    6. There can only be three reasons for the loss of an election. Fraud, voter intimidation or the voters are just so pathetically stupid they can't appreciate what is best for them, as decided by liberals. See 5 above.

    7. Any person of "color" is presumptively a moral icon, unless they are a Republican, in which case they are Uncle Tom Hitler. How else can draft dodger Muhammed Ali be the most admired person in America and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a vile SOB who should be locked up?

    8. Private property is a relic of slavery and should be abolished. It is unjust for some to have more than others.

    9. Free health care is a right. Lavish public employee pensions are also a right. Free housing for those who prefer not to be exploited in the workplace is also a right. Free child care is a right. Freedom from crime is not a right, and the desire for it is clearly just a racist code word.

    10. Finally and most important, liberals believe that only suckers work or use their own money for stuff. A liberal's only true calling is "making a difference" , which is code talk for somehow getting control of other people's money and using it to pay yourself a big salary and use the rest of it to push leftwing programs. Examples are the AARP, any university, unions, foundations and of course, government.
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    Bravo AAA.
  3. I didn't know that hapaboy was a liberal!
  4. I'm glad that finally you agree that W is a liberal.
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    You must have done your research on huffingtonpost.com. Frightening stuff.

    You may want to work in, aboslishing the electoral college somehow.

    Perhaps the paradox that liberals lambast anyone of faith, well, anyone of the Christian faith, (lambasting any other faith is considering hate-speech), while many of these same liberals grab hold of just about any crackpot theory under the sun.

    Perhaps how liberals are soo grossly tolerant of only those things with which they agree and will not tolerate any intolerance.
  6. LOL AAA, you've created a really giant and ugly strawman.
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    11. Don't worry about having to practice what you preach:

  8. I'm surprised that a real ET'er like you would buy this crap. A good trader never "practice what you preach," and instead react to what the market gives you.

    I know that burning oil is bad for the environment. But before everyone switches over to nuclear power, it's perfectly ok for me to make a few bucks off oil.

    It's that simple.
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    For a simpleton, maybe. Al Gore is not a trader. He is a politician telling us to VOLUNTARILY stop using fossil fuels in our everyday life. He is not doing what he wants the rest of us to do. This is by definition hypocrytical. What part of this do you not comprehend?
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    I agree that Gore's "investments" need not reflect an environmental conscious. However his personal shunning of anything approaching a green lifestyle is cause for reproach. C'mon, a 10,000 square foot home? All he had to do was carry his home state..........Those in Tennessee know what a duplicitous prick he really is.
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