What watches do you prefer?

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  1. What watches do you prefer?
  2. maxinger


    None. I can see the time from my handphone.
  3. A good watch is worth money any where in the world. Had two Rolex's still have a Zodiac Sea Wolf, plenty of vintage Swiss watches, some good pocket watches. Current favorite is a Seiko Kinetic Sportura. ROLEX hands down it is as good as cash in any metro area.
  4. Classic rolex
  5. rutahta1


    Honestly, I really like watches, it can be said that this is my weakness. It's hard to believe, but I have more than 15 varieties of watches at home, but I don’t buy everything in a row, but only the highest quality products. Despite this, I still have I don’t have a smart watch and I really want to buy it. I found one cool and very informative Hype smart watch review and I decided to buy it. You can’t even imagine how cool this watch is, I am very happy with the purchase and thank this site for such a full review. I think about to get some more models after reading reviews, because the clock is not superfluous.
  6. I wore a Seiko, but the battery died on me about 10 years ago and I never replaced it.
    I procrastinated getting it replaced, then I realized I like the idea of not wearing a watch.

    I got a clock in my car, on my laptop, my phone, work and about a dozen places on the side of the road as I drive.

    If I got a new watch though, it would probably be a Movado.
    They are very attractive.

  7. There are clocks everywhere. I guess I appreciate the classic rolex watch for special occasions. Just like wearing a suit jacket.
  8. Ever since I started using a mobile phone I lost interest in wrist watches.