what was your Profit/Loss this year?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ashantt, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Being an anonymous forum I'm curious to know how successful/unsuccessful we were this year.

    I'll go, finished my first complete year of trading as a noob and am down 10 K trading, 25 K counting other expenses as I'm doing it full time.

    Not a good start but I hope to have a better 2011.

    Good luck to all.
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    Does this question make you uneasy?

    Does it make your stomach churn just a little bit?
  3. How much of that is fees, commissions and net capital losses? :confused: :(
  4. 1E7
  5. ashantt


    Fees and Commisions: $3000

    What's 1E7?
  6. 40% profit for 2010.
  7. ?....??....???... ! ... Did you mean to type 10E7? Ten raised to the seventh power?......Ten million dollars? If memory serves me correctly, one raised to any exponent is still equal to one, unless of course your P/L for this year is one dollar. :confused: :eek: :D :) :cool: :p
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    That's just awful

    By the sound of it you'll need more than luck to turn it around into a profit.

    Try paper trading or minimum stakes etc to reduce losses while learning
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    Does that equate to $40? :p
  10. I beat you! 41.99% in my trading account. And another 81.7% (as of right now) for my silver holdings this year. I'm not sure, but I think my house might have gone down in value 5%, but nobody has tried to sell a house on my street yet, so hard to know for sure.

    Last year I did a 187% return. This year i didnt even make a trade until june as I was so stressed with trading that I needed to take 6 months off.

    Helped my mom get a 23.1% return, but its impossible to get her to buy and sell as she only wants to hold for long periods of time.
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