What was your investment/trading gains in 2017?

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    My algo generated 31.67% return with 13.01% DD and 5 losing months.
    Unfortunately only a part are live returns, part is demo.
    Live returns from the last 5 months of 2017 was 4.45% return which includes 2 of the 5 losing months.

    The algo only trades ZB, since this market was in a tight range during 2017 i can not complain with these results.

    2016 was a much better year for my algo.

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  2. -50%. I am not an elite trader.
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  3. That's pretty bad, and damaging. You should have pulled out and seriously reevaluate yourself and the market after losing around 1/3'rd of your account.

    Approach trading...with a collective wisdom about the thing you're trading and timeframe. and reasonable reward expectations, and risks. -- If you can't do that well, and explain it, and prove it...you're just being a dumb gambler. and have no purpose in the market.

    Most guys should not open a trading account at all. They're not cut out for it.
    Just buy a starter basic used stainless steel Rolex Submariner on eBay, a new gaming laptop, go get laid in Vegas by a hooker, eat at fine steak houses, and gamble the rest away.
    Atleast you will have a few nice things and memories of a good time. -- instead of a depleted trading account in the end, with nothing to show for it.
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    +27% after taxes and fees,
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    Here is a look at how your more passive investors did in 2017. Gen-X is rockin! About two-thirds of Americans have saved very little or nothing at all. Looks like Gen X is on track to not fall into that trap.

    According to Fidelity Investments, the average 401k balance increased to $99,900 in the third quarter while the average IRA balanced increased to $103,500. Fidelity found that the account balances in IRAs and 401k plans increased for every generation during the last year but that there was “significant growth” among Gen X investors. Among those savers, the IRA balances increased 16.5% to $51,000 while it increased 18% for 401K balances to $98,800.

    Some of that increase doesn’t come on the part of American’s putting away more money but is a product of a stock market that continues to march higher. The average 401k contribution rate increased 8.5% during the three months ended in September, which is the highest percentage in nearly ten years. More than one in four savers increased their contribution rate compared to last year, noted Fidelity. As for IRA investors, the amount contributed increased 12%. Fidelity said it saw an increase in its Roth IRA for Kids, which the firm said hit 10,000 accounts during the September ended the quarter.

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    I admire your guts to say that on ET.
    May I offer advice.
    Think like a sniper, be very very careful, take your time, when you have thought very carefully a well thought out plan, you are mentally prepared, relaxed, then fire off ONE round at the target. If you miss, the target will fire back and possibly hurt you bad.
    Now continue to do this, carefully after much deliberation and care, fire off a round.
    Finally, and only when proficient, arm yourself with several machine guns, sit in the pit and blast the shit outta everything, your high win rate and high reward to risk ratio will bring in a higher kill rate.
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  7. IB account - 4%, but didn't trade until Sept.

    Crypto accounts - +500%. HODLing ETH, ADA, and RAIblocks.

    Wait, make that +300%
    Wait, +400%
    Wait back down to 350%

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  8. Equity curve of shorter term trades from 2017. 350+ trades, hold time from minutes to 40 days. All Tradestation/Easylanguage coded strategies. All strategies tested from at least 1/1/2007, All used Kelly-style position-sizing. Profit factor: 3.70, 76% profitable. All real-time/ real money. Trades_2017.jpg
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    Where's the LHS scale?
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    That's one hell of a PF for that many trades.... well done captain
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