What was your first computer

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  1. Mine was Microsys.
  2. nitro


    Atari 400 with the chick-let keyboard.
  3. olias


    I think mine was an Atari 600.
  4. da-net


    Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 1 Level 1...stayed with them to Model 4
  5. My neighbour had a ZX Spectrum, and you had to load the programs (mainly video games) by playing them on a cassette tape recorder. My own first computer was an Intel 8088-based PC. 3.5 MHz. Digger rocked on it, baby! And it had a Turbo button that I was afraid to touch. I think that made it go up to a scorching 8 MHz or so. Yeah baby!!

    I tried to write my own programming language in machine code (no, not assembly; raw machine code) on it. That rewarded me with a pair of spectacles!

    Then I discovered MASM and later, Turbo C . Turbo C had a menu system. It had a frigging profiler, holy fuck! I coded a TSR (terminate and stay resident) program that would give you the dictionary definition of any word on the screen, irrespective of what program was running (no multi-tasking, remember? You had to trap an interrupt for this). Oh man, stuff was fun in 1990. :p
  6. Mine was an IBM Datamaster - 1981
  7. did it run DOS?
  8. No Basic.
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