What was your first car?

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  1. 1994 infiniti j30. sound like it's about to die any minute. but still running good at 80mph
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  2. maxpi


    Hee hee... I had a Renault, the gauges melted on a hot day in the mojave, it was funny, all the pointers were bent. You could buy brand new replacement fuel pumps from the dealership and they would not work. I got rid of it, I owed some bucks to a guy I really could not stand so I talked the price up on the car and paid off the debt with it. I was laughing, he towed it away just sure he could get it on the road since he was so much smarter than me :D
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  3. 1978 Camaro Z-28. Black on Black and had a 350 V-8 with minor work done to it (carbs, headers, ignition, etc.) Beautiful car that got a lot of attention...when it ran. Sold it a few months later out of frustration and bought a 1987 nissan sentra. My life went downhill after that...:(
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  5. My "other brother" Larry had 2 Challenger's (one got stolen) back in 74 time frame. One "gawdawful" briht green and white convertible with a 426 Hemi, and second was a 440 hardtop "gawdawful" purple with alligator vinyl top....both ran unbelievably quick....

    The "cuda" reminded me....LOL...

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    340 automatic. I remember the car drove as if it weighed like a feather.
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