What was your first car?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gunslinger, Aug 3, 2006.

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  2. maxpi


    A relative had a Hawk in perfect condition in storage and it got totaled in a fire ~ 5 years back. I never drove it, should have asked. They still had buyers lined up for even burned up.
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  3. Oh man, what a bummer. My neighbor's grandfather had a cherry 62 "Gran Turismo Hawk" all black, hurst 4 speed, stock from the factory...hauled ass. This was in 66 I think.

    If we only know then what we know now...

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  4. '79 Firebird, midnight blue, w/T-tops
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  5. Ha! My first car was a Lime Green 1972 Vega with a stripped 3rd gear and a bad backfiring problem! Bought it from my Dad for $250. Ah the memories!
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  6. maxpi


    The most fun car I ever had, believe it or not, was a 70 Maverick. I got it from a drunk, his wife did not want him to drive and she pressured him to get rid of it, picked it up real cheap because a mechanic told the guy it needed a trans and I found that it only had a linkage problem. I put a big shiny Hurst floor shift kit in it with a big wood knob, had the exterior painted the brightest yellow imaginable. you could not look at it in the bright sun, really. Then I put some citrus themed interior carpet in it and put wire basket rims and blackwalls on it. It just looked so cool, people were trying to buy it from me sometimes when I stopped for gas. I never cared if I wrecked it or whatever, the dang rims were worth more than the car.
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  7. 4re


    I had a real chick magnet. Yellow 76 Gremlin. Oh but when I was 18 I traded that thing for a 74 Formula Firebird with a 455 SD. I wish I still had that Bird.
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  8. lindq


    A 1960 Renault Dauphine.

    The starter failed after 2 weeks and I couldn't afford a new one. I always had to park going downhill (really impressed my dates), or have a buddy with me. Fortunately I was going to school in an area with lots of hills.

    Not a good idea to ever buy a French car.

    As luck would have it, the car was totaled when a drunk freshman rammed his old man's Olds Toronado into my rear on a rainy night. My Renault ended up sitting on top of the rear deck of a Mustang in front of me.

    I explained to the driver's insurance company that I had a very stiff neck, but would settle for 3 times what I paid for the car. About $600.

    Big money back then.
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  9. 1976 Lincoln Continental.

    Slept 6.

    Died in 1993 on the hottest day of the year in Westchester - caught on fire after 200k miles. Last time I did my own work on a car... :D

    Was replaced by a 1984 buick century which lasted 3 days before the engine cracked and oil leaked out while crossing the tappan zee bridge. I just kept on going... no reason to inconvenience all those nice folk at rush hour and pay a $600 tow.

    The next car was a new 1994 toyota tercel. manual, no a/c. Good to park in NYC.
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  10. 1955 Chevy Bel Air, straight 6, 3 on the column. Paid 200 bucks for it. Bought it from my high school music teacher way back in 1966. Blew the engine a year later after running the shit out of it. wish I had it now.:cool:
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