What was your first car?

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  2. 1982 Toyota Supra
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  3. 1974 Pontiac Catalina 2 door in black with white vinyl interior, and the 400 cubic inch 4 barrel V-8..........at only 16!!! :D
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  4. maxpi


    1954 Chevy 210 4 door column shift 3 speed, straight six. I squeezed a couple years out of it and it was off to the junk yard. I still have a chevy though, Camaro is way, way better :D
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  5. 53' 6 window dodge 1/2 ton pickup.
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  6. OK, by 17...a 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire, 425 Cu. In. 425 HP "ton of lead" QuadrJet (horrible carb)- actually took it to Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach, CA. a few times....Nearly 5000 pounds, but did an "ok" 14 second range.

    Then I wrapped it around a telephone pole, right at the drivers door...the drivers door actually hit the center console...didn't die obviously, but spent a while in the hospital. My dad was a little pissed off....and even more mad when I borrowed his brand new 1967 Olds 98 and got into a head on with that (that one wasn't my fault, but kinda hard to explain, LOL).

    (Memory Lane)...

    May as well get it over with:

    1953 Ford Convertible
    1956 Mercury
    1957 Ford Convertible
    1957 Lincoln Premier
    1959 Lincoln Continental convertible (wish I had that one)
    1959 Oldsmobile 98
    1962 Mercury with Electric rear window
    1964 Mercury Wagon with 390/360 (learned to drive car, surfing car)
    1964 at age 14: Went to Vegas to get a Motorcycle drivers license, bought a Ducati 125 and then a 300 Honda Scrambler to drive to Junior high in California.
    1968 had the Sprite (crashed Olds above).
    1969 bought a 66 Buick Riviera (took it to Camp Pendleton when I was in the Marine Corps)
    1970 Bought an Opel Kadet 1900 4 speed. Bought another Starfire, 1966.
    1974 Pontiac Gran Prix
    1967 Volvo in 1978 for wife.
    1980 Bought new 528i BMW (like everyone else on the trading floor, LOL).
    Proceeded to roll the 528i.
    1982 Bought 1983 733i BWM
    1985 Another 733i
    1989 bought a Subaru and a Hyundai for wifey
    1991 Volvo 740 This thing would never die. Just now donated to charity...still runs well.
    Electric cars....multiple, On Board of U.S. Electricar and Zapworld.
    Drove Volvo to Vegas
    2001 Volvo S80
    2002 Dodge Durango for wife.
    2005 Dodge Magnum.

    I've probably had a similar number of residences but can only remember a few, LOL.

    Apologies to everyone - just my own self-indulgence to see if I really do remember - probably missed a few

    "How many can you "old" guys remember"?


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  7. There you go Don.....I see you had a 74 Grand Prix.....that was a cool car! I also see you have one of the new Magnums (have a HEMI???).....I am ordering a 2007 SRT8 Charger for my fun car as they are coming out with a few changes from 06. :)

    ....and yes the Charger will be hedged by a LONG only oil futures account! :D
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  8. I did forget. 1976 Toyota Celica GT, 5 speed...fun car.

    And, here's one of my favorite electric cars. Bay area EV race, we were sponsored by BofA.



    (ok ok, close the thread, enough is enough Don) LOL.
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  9. 72 VW bug. Had to park it on a slope to push start it. :)
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  10. 1987 chevy beretta. one of, if not the first "rounded" cars.

    people thought it looked space aged-----LOL ~!

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