What was your dumbest reaction after losing a day?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kazoil, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Kazoil


    Be honest here!

    Hope you had a punching bag at home...:D
  2. I normally 'lose a day' at least once a week. It tends to be a Saturday after a hard Friday night out.:D
  3. I broke a spindle on my wiffe's greatgrandma rocking chair 100 years old by trhowing a mouse at it. up to know I am paying for it 6 months later
  4. I killed myself.
  5. rs7


    I killed myself too. I got re-incarnated as a specialist, gave a trader an even break, and was lynched right on the floor. Came back as a manager for a prop firm, made a decision, got fired. Killed myself again...waiting in purgatory...hoping to come back as Treykool and get 125% payout and never have a losing day. WAIT...if that happened, what excuse would I have for killing myself again? Would I be stuck as him?
  6. specul8tor

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    I just kick the dog.
  7. I kick the cat:D
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  9. skynet


  10. Quit trading and joined a monastery.

    Too many ex-traders there, so I left.
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