What was your best trade today?

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  1. I caught a good fish in the pond of HANS short on 34 failure (after she had come above it twice). Covered too quickly and then gave a good portion of it in two subsequent stupid trades but that one was a beauty. Just interested in other people's trades (please name specific stocks and trade entry and exit).

    As you see, this isn't for showing off (as I am telling you I gave back most of it in other trades) but just to see what people are looking at and in what spots.
  2. very nice trade marketwizz!

    I like the hans pick

    good one


    why don't you post the chart as well. I'll post a few as well as soon as i work out how.
  4. nonam


    I didnt trade.I held tight to my CTUM shares which are heading to $2 for the fundamental reason that, if the company successfully IPO's its LTC technology,that is what they will be worth.:p
  5. Best Trade Today:

    swimming in my pool, feeding my dove and quail, chopping wood getting ready for winter...and the sweet smell of my grill firing up right now. And of course taking the day off from a slow day of summer trading.

  6. long elos in the 20.74/.78 areas...too small and got out too soon so not anywhere near enough to cover hans losses.


    Shorted dow just under 11240 out at 11200.
  8. hans37


    40 cents for a coke.
  9. bot 500 BPT at 66 sold them 74.75, shorted 800 at 77, covered 300 at 69 and the rest at 70... all before the opening bell even rang... what a beautiful morning!

  10. lol that's as good as it gets. congrats
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