What was your 1st job?

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  1. What was your 1st job that gave you monthly salary.
    I was a global customer service agent, my day was composed of 100 calls from 100 clients who were irate and very upset. :cool: I left after 6 months, too much drama.hahaha
  2. Janitor.

    Before that, I was a "shit shoveler"... on my uncle's small dairy farm.

    I haven't always lived a life of luxury and leisure. :D
  3. 13 years old. Seperated bottles and cans at the return section of beer distributor. Nasty, filthy job...but oh the fringe bene`s were off da hook for a young teen man!
  4. McDonalds. I'm still there :D
  5. lol. I worked on a chicken farm. It wasn't my first job but the shortest. Probably 10,000 chickens in a barn, 3 to a cage laying eggs. smell stays with ya for quite some time. Knee deep in manure and feathers in the air. I was in charge of entertainment for the chickens. Sing songs, tell jokes, wine them and dine them, basically engage 'em to lay more eggs.
  6. Worked as a sales rep out of college while a certain agency probed my background. I got a call and worked for them for 2 years before calling it quits. It was the wrong time to be a gung ho American, and the b.s. was enough. Still gung ho, and have less than zero respect for the people that call the shots as a result of my experiences.
  7. My first job was working at a small amusement park called "Enchanted Forest" for $1.60/hour which was the agricultural minimum wage at the time (1975).

    They were later sued for misusing the agricultural minimum wage and one day I got a surprise check for around $200 in the mail. Happy days. :D
  8. Lucrum


    Aircraft cleaning and assisting the A&P mechanics. $1,000 a month.

    Before that:

    mowing lawns at $5 a pop

    $2.15 an hour as a gopher/flunky in a photography plant (summer after 8th grade)

    $3.00 an hour maintaining the grounds to another plant (summer after 10th grade)

    A little over $3 an hour working for the city municipal auditorium (senior year in HS)

    The above mentioned aircraft cleaning and assisting the A&P mechanics. Which started off at $5 an hour before going to salary later. (Also senior year in HS)
  9. i forget to say that i now OWN the McDonalds!

    just kidding :D
  10. trade-mark lawyer (on mat leave now). don't want to go back
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