What was the price of the very first S&P contract trade?

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    Could be off on this since was a long time ago, but my memory is it was almost exactly 100.00. Believe the first day of trading marked the all time lows since as remember moved up fairly quickly and never traded below the opening day price again.

    My memory is that S & P futures started trading around 1980-81 time period, but as said was a long time ago and so many trades and moves since then could be remembering wrong. Dow was trading around the 1000 area at that time so the S & P being in 100 area matches up about right.
  3. S&P 500 stock index futures started trading on April 21, 1982. The S&P 500 cash opened at 115.48 and the futures were trading at a discount so the first trade was probably around 115.10. Somebody here must have the first day's time and sales for the exact number.

    We are less than a month away from the 30th anniversary of the start of stock index futures trading on February 24, 1982.

    It all began with Value Line stock index futures trading at the Kansas City Board of Trade. S&P 500 futures followed on April 21, 1982 and NYSE Composite futures at the NYFE on May 6, 1982.
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    october 1982

    start trading the futures.

    the index was around 120.00, are you short yet.............:)