what was the news around 12:20PM EST?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by forsalenyc, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. everything just shot up.....
  2. clacy


    stock_trad3r renounced the buy & hold strategy and no longer has any confidence in the US stock markets.
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    Alex hit the SELL SELL SELL button in The PureTick room!
  4. Bi-Partisan bailout agreement for automakers(although the news was out 25 minutes before the market rallied, it didn't start really moving until CNBC "broke" it).
  5. RAY


    Gettlefinger (sp?) [UAW] asked all Americans to give, all their money, to anyone who does/has worked at an American auto manufacture. We need to be sure that they can continue to donate 10% of their bonus checks.

    Market loved it.....
  6. pfffffffffffttttttttt. What else ya got?
  7. if fed bails out the big 3 automakers.....which bank does this help the most?
  8. Bi-partisan bill to aid Big 3.

    Fade it.
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    My guess would be <C> based on the move down this week?

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    Buy LEA
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