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  1. that software which you could download that would somehow connect all your monitors/computers -- so one keyboard/mouse was enough for 3 computers? tia
  2. tx, I found it. It looks a bit non-user friendly for the average user. Is it ok to work with? A lot of bugs?
  3. a few bugs, but nothing serious. The instructions sucked, but after about 15 minutes I had it setup and running fine.
  4. I am glad it worked for you. I spent 3 hours on it and gave up, still with 2 keyboards and mouses.
  5. tx you for all responses. See, ET doesn't always suck....
  6. I tried , trying a free trial to Multiplicity now
    I have 4 computers 8 monitors
    2 with win2000 and 2 with XP PRO
    They say no problem just make sure you have main computer as Win2000
    as XP Pro will not work as primary set up going to Win2l machines. They give a 15 day trial and I have been going back and forth with emails with no luck as of now.
    The last email I got was asking if I purchased Multiplicity! LOL
    Show me it works on all my machines and I'll buy it. I did try with no luck http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/
    It would be great to get it going
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    That's only because you are currently located in one of the 3 out of 5 "Tools of the Trade" forums which happen to be civilized oases of calm in the EThunderdome and, as such, hardly ever suck.

    Getting back to the subject at hand... I've being using Synergy for a long time. Since you mentioned 3 computers (and trader123abc - 4), try setting it up on just 2 at first. Also:

    1) Go over everything in the FAQ, Troubleshooting guide and Tips & Tricks links.

    2) Browse or search Synergy's extensive forum - chances are your issue has been covered before.

    3) If some or all of your computers are multi-screen, there are limitations on how all the screens are arranged. Essentially, each rig's total screen area must be a contiguous rectangle. This comes up in the forum from time to time, in fact, I see, just yesterday.
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