What was the ***last*** thing you had to master before becoming profitable?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Kovacs, May 27, 2009.

  1. Myself: balancing patience and care with doing it.
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  2. Redneck


    Most definitely

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  3. Cutten


    Being able to recognise the difference between a meaningful move and normal market noise/chop.
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  4. auspiv


    is volume a big (the biggest?) part of the difference between a move and chop?
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  5. NoDoji


    Cutten, how do you recognize that? I look for volume behind the moves, but are there other things to look for?
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  6. This has been so hard for me.

    I have learned to cut losses very early.

    But dang... it's so hard to let profits run...
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  7. A meaningful move on a daily chart is found too often.

    Normal market noise/chop on a daily chart = some meaningful moves on an intraday chart (e.g. 5-min, 1-min).

    Normal market noise/chop on a 1-min chart = some meaningful micromoves on a 42 tick chart.

    In general: market noise/chop in a higher time-frame can be meaningful moves in a lower time-frame.

    So... pick your trading time-frame and compare to the backdrop higher time-frame.
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  8. The password to the Fed's computer.
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  9. Automation.
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  10. Eight


    The simulator, hopefully.....
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