What was the cause for the Globex outage?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by exce26, May 1, 2003.

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    What was the cause for the Globex outage?
    1. A burned down hacker sent a trojan horse virus into Globex server
    2. Globex pentium 70 mhz server finally bursted..
    3. Globex owner who had a long position, played a short covery rally game
    4. Have no idea, just pissed off....

    :D :p
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    all of the above
  3. For national security reasons. Today Bushy landed and he halted the exchange because he was not able to trade today on board the carrier.

    Michael B.
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    I'm pretty sure that SARS was somehow responsible...
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    LOL, you sound like a typical local Hong Konger these days - blame everything on SARS. :D
  7. So have they managed to come up with an explanation yet?
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    Here is the yesterday's Globex outage explanation from IB

    During the failure more than 25% of the firms that access GLOBEX were without service. The affected users lost the ability to add, modify or delete orders at 11:18. Certain users lost market data services while others could trade as usual, hence the market was still active. The Exchange technical and trading operations staff used the following 16 minutes to characterize the problem and concluded that the market would be best served by halting trading. IB promptly passed that information to our users at 11:34. Trading was halted for all of Globex at 11:40

    What if the operations staffs bought a chunk of long position & halt the Globex......
    That's another strategy :D