What was the best time in America?

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What was the best time in Ameria

  1. The Clinton Era

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  2. The Reagan Era

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  3. The Kennedy Era

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  4. The Eisenhower Era

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  5. The Roaring 20's

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  6. The Turn of the Century

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  7. The Industrial Revolution

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  8. The Civil War

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  9. The Colonial Period

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  10. Other

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  1. Progressives long for a better time in the future, regressive long to return to a better time in the past.

    What is your thought on the best time in America for Americans?
  2. right now.

  3. Right now. I am responsible for my best time in America. Returning to an administration or era will not improve my lot in life nor make me feel better.
  4. At the time that we look back and "long for a better time", remember, we knew how it turned out. Before it's too late, ask some of the folks who endured WWII what it was like. The people in the Pac Nw were scared to death the Japanese would invade, and they'd seen and heard what the Shogun mentality did to the Chinese. The outcome of the war was in doubt until the Battle of Midway, which marked the bottom of the Dow. I believe it was Aug of 1942. Camelot? You should have lived through the Cuban Missle Crisis. Brutally frightening. The Dept stores sold fallout shelters. In the fifties, we knew the Ruskies and Chinese had the bomb and dove under our schooldesks, because the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, knew wood could stop heat blasts of a thousand degrees. The hip free love sixties? The kids too poor to evade the draft were butchered because Johnson and Nixon couldn't get their heads out of their asses. And so on. while these leaders were dodging bullets, making policy, they were, in actuality, rolling the dice with the populace' lives. Every once in a while, it came up craps.

    The boys are right. Live for the moment, enjoy your memories, but try to make things better for the people around you. That is as good as it gets. enjoy the journey.

    BTW, "The Civil War"??????? WTF? :D
  5. Here's a world war 2 story for you. Because things were so bad at home, this friend of mine joined the army. He was 12 years old.:eek:

  6. yes, my friend, happy new year!

  7. nealvan


    By far the roaring 20's is when there was a lot of prosperity in the United States.
    Right now you might compare that to what's going on in China now.
  8. people... it's a simple frkn question... just answer it... we don't need speeches about live for the moment. LOL LOL LOL

    don't tase me bro!
  9. why would a civil war be on the best time list? Over 600,000 died and it ripped the country apart. That is like having "The Great Depression" on the list...
  10. According to the left-thinkers, the apex of North American civilization was before the "white man" showed up.

    I guess the "savages" were in one with the land. Even though when the Native(hardly) Americans migrated from asia. it was the end of the last ice age and saw the greatest warming period in the last 20,000 years.
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