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  1. Did anyone else get stopped out on that crazy bar on NYSELIFFE Mini Sized NY silver Dec contract futures?

    I did, way below my stop and don't know if there is anything i can do about?? I rang my broker and then they rang the exchange and said they know about it but all trades stand.

    Has anyone had a similar experience and is there anything I can do?

  2. You can make a formal complaint to the CFTC that the NYSE Liffe is an incompetent futures exchange.

    Let this be a lesson learned: never, never trade illiquid futures contracts.
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    Yeah man, dont do that again. It doesnt take much muscle to move markets that thin around...violently.
  4. Yeah it does seem like a relatively thin market but if you look at the daily charts which is how i trade it, it usually trades pretty nicely. Just seems like a once in a blue moon action from a fat finger or similar set it off.

    Frustrating thing is that after it happened it was back up to where it closed previously within 5 minutes and then proceeded to go up 2-3% after that.

    Trading hey, you never stop learning and seeing something new.....
  5. What did you get stopped out at?
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    Just looked at the YI chart.. ouch that sucks man.. hope you had a tight stop because that just sucks.
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    Not in this instance, but I have had clients get unfairly stopped out on the YI and YG on several occasions by those types of moves. They are pretty difficult to explain to those of the "very green retail" variety...