What was that about?

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  1. I read the title then when I clicked on it, it was deleted.

    So why was he so happy about wanting to kill someone?
  2. Hehe,
    it was just a silly poll if it would be OK to find out the identity of someone on ET, and then kill them... just a joke - but several (the majority?) voted that it would be allright. Of course, that is not "healthy" wrt what kind of "guidance" you would give people even on the Internet. Instigating or inspiring crime online - that is a really tricky issue. I think the moderators were very prudent in removing it early - because it can easily mislead a lot of members into committing actual crimes - i.e posting death threats or similar.

    People need to take less drugs, and remember to behave like responsible adults - because there are actually limits set in society.

    In fact I would encourage readers here on ET to complain about posts speculating in assassinations of any political person or otherwise - use the complain buttons, folks.

    There are a lot of deranged persons without proper medicare, and you never know what kind of crazy shit you can end up with - or even one loony bin PM'ing you, and then you in turn may get questioned for something that the crazy person has done at some later point. Just pointing out the hazards to all of us - especially you who live in the US, where there is a lot of investigation into stuff like this after something happens. So be aware about crazed nuts involving you in stuff online... just personal prudence and awareness.

    As we all know - traders on days like these may loose touch with reality for a moment and who knows who might go postal or something.
  3. crazed nuts involving us in stuff online.... that IS the ET we have come to know and love is it not? :D
  4. @Gringinho

    I only got to read the title, I don't even know who posted it, but just reading the title, it didn't sound like a joke, it sounded more like someone who has given it serious thought and probably does intend to find the address of the person he is hoping to kill

    to me it sounded more like a crazy iranian fag who is thinking of killing someone because that person said something about fucking allah on ET, or something about Israel nuking iran
  5. No, maybe not a crazy person. I read that thread. I remember the person said something like they hope that they never have said anything offensive to anyone on ET. So to me that person was afraid of crazy person, and not a crazy person.
  6. since I didn't get to read the post, my assumption was based on the title of the thread

    but thanks for the info
  7. Yes, let's stick our heads up our asses so we can act all surprised when the shit hits the fan.

    Hillary fucking Clinton brought up the assassination issue. She basically said hey, I don't want to drop out, someone might shoot Obama just like RFK!

    Personally, I think that the Hillary Clinton public-statement acid test is a pretty good indicator of something that's ok to discuss.

    It's worth talking about because Obama might be able to lower the risk, if he drastically changes normal presidential protocol. It's worth talking about because the resulting anti-gun backlash will be tragic. It's worth talking about because it will undoubtedly affect the markets (which, by the way, aren't so terribly resilient these days.)

    It's worth talking about because he's a decent man, and even if we can't do anything to stop it, it isn't right to close our eyes and pretend it isn't there.

    People are shouting nigger at GOP rallies. Today I heard a bunch of 19 year olds say that it was a foregone conclusion that neither candidate would survive for long, so the election was really about the VPs.

    Yeah, the absolute best thing we can do in this situation is to stick our heads in the sand.
  8. LodeReunner,
    it is obvious that you know next to nothing about data mining, forensic computer science or surveillance.

    The point is building up an information database, and connect dots - anticipate threat pictures, build profiles and assess people.
    Your really don't want to be a large dot in some of those threat maps.

    I find the topics to be pure speculations and nonsensical in usefulness to anyone - so why bother wasting your time?
    You are not a security professional - and it is not your job to assess the threat picture, you can't improve anything.
    It's like a proclamation of "If I was a god, then I would..." - just that you are standing naked on the roof of the US Senate...
  9. It isn't a useless conversation. If NOTHING else, people can prepare for the financial and legal impact such an event would have. For instance, if Osama is elected I plan hitting the next gun show in the area and buying a .50 BMG rifle, tactical shotgun, and large-magazine pistol (i.e., all weapons likely to be banned if the gun control crowd gets the upper hand.)

    You quoted 1984 earlier. I think that the fastest way to an Orwellian future is to pretend that it's already here.

    I don't like the Patriot Act, and the potential for information technology to control and classify people is indeed terrifying. But, if people don't LET it terrify them, if they speak their minds at all times anyway, then there will be that much more noise out there. Safety in numbers.

    Besides, you're assuming this internet connection is traceable back to myself... unless the FBI/DoHS is willing to actually drive one of their agents down here and do a stakeout, it isn't. Been meaning to look into layered proxies like Tor, too, just for grins.

    The absolute worst thing we can do is pretend this is country is no better than Stalin's Russia (or Orwell's Oceania.)