What was so good about Texas?

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    To cause a traffic jam, one would simply have to yell to the crowd. "This is the job application line, the section 8 line be the building across the street."

    For those of you asleep and unaware. This is how they gets a new apartment. You remember when you had to go and get a job and become productive? They just have to gets on a line. They will pay 50 bucks a month for what you would pay 1000. And you get to pay for all of it with your taxes. From their new pad they will commence ruining all public areas, committing crime and make raising a family a living hell. Sucka
  3. This is what happens when government gets too big! That is the job of non-profits. If I want to pay somebody else's rent then I'll donate to the local rent-paying non-profit! Not the Government!