What was limit down on the SP yesterday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jedwards, May 7, 2010.

  1. How close did we get to getting limit down on the SP futures yesterday? Did "someone" end up defending that limit so that the markets would get halted? It seems like we were a few points away from it, but I'm not sure how close we got.

    Imagine the turmoil that would have caused...
  2. A few handles.... people are bitching an moaning about the PPT every day for the last 24 months, then when they do snap to it, no one says anything....

    Seriously, good for them. I wouldn't want to step in front of that shit yesterday...
  3. rcj


    Somewhere around 1050 on cash.
  4. The first 10% limit is down 110. That triggers a 10 minute trading halt.
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    You act like they were risking real capital. They had nothing to lose. All they did was use their fat ass fingers to buy everything they could. When you have endless sums of money there is NO way to lose. You make the market.
  6. I imagine it's pretty fun to trade with your only goal to be driving price up. The rest of us trade to make a profit; their job's gotta be pretty mindbending.
  7. no such thing as PPT. get a grip.
  8. Actually there is... But they're not protecting who you think they're protecting.
    It's doublespeak. The ones the PPT protects are the Wall Street elite banksters and their profits, not the people of the USA.