What was Elliot thinking (with)?/

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  1. Does anyone have a degree in psycholanalysis or whatever.

    This guys' behavior was like a Jimmy Swaggart or a Jim Baker. This zealousness, sickness, with the corresponding reckless behaviour has to have a study associated with it, and I'd like to read about it.
  2. The lower half of his body obviously.
  3. ramora


    Ok, since you asked...

    Or, google "jung puer aeternus"...
    But hey, I could be wrong...
  4. Well he is a weird looking asshole with a very wide mouth. Perhaps some deeply recessive dinosaur genes in his DNA are expressed in his particular character, huh? Whatever, is he the winner of the allstates Dickhead of the Month Award?
  5. Sure, when he paints up & looks at himself in the mirror.:D
  6. THE drives that lead powerful men to self-destructive sexual encounters have little to do with sex, according to psychiatrists and other mental health experts.

    Instead, they cite an explosive psychic combination of unhealthy narcissism and a grandiose sense that normal rules do not apply to oneself. At work are the narcissist's desperate need to prove himself and, paradoxically, a deep urge for failure. When these forces of self-betrayal encounter the temptations brought by power, the results can destroy even the most prominent, with the inexorable logic of a Greek tragedy.


    Closely linked to the striving for achievement in unhealthy narcissism is a need to fail. The unconscious need to fail was noted by Freud, who said men who ruined their own success were commonly seen in psychoanalysis.

    ''If your self-esteem is so fragile, you are unable to believe the applause,'' Dr. Michels said. ''You feel guilty and conflicted about the praise, because you don't believe you deserve it. Such people vacillate between a sense of undeserved success and a feeling of worthlessness.'' 'They Devalue' Success

    ''When they finally achieve a great success, they devalue it or even undermine it,'' Dr. Michels added. ''Their success is destroyed because it had built into it the seeds of defeat.''

    People who seem to undermine themselves may have ''many strong motives that they do not know about,'' said Mardi Horowitz, a psychiatrist at the medical school at the University of California at San Francisco. ''And they often don't know what their unconscious moral standards are. They get themselves in trouble as punishment for having gotten something that, deep down, they do not feel they should be allowed to have.''

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  7. Of course, that is the clinical answer.

    The real reason is some time ago, Elliot asked for a blow job and his wife said "You want a blow job?!!! Go get it someplace else"
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