What was CL trading in 2008 like?

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  1. Call out to any oil traders from 2008...

    Today Oil has been sold off before the floor open, and towards the open, bid strongly - despite a strong dollar.

    But still, the daily range is nothing like it was back in 2008.

    I'm interested in hearing any recollections about how it was to trade this beast back then.

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    The calendar spreads had great daily trading ranges - sometimes greater than 100 tics and frequently about 50 tics and more.
  3. Yes; your perfect trading environment, bone!

    I do wonder about the intra-day gappiness on the front months outright...

    Was there good liquidity, back then, despite the volatility?
  4. year 2008 there were many days, quite a few single sessions of $6, $7, $8 and $9 price ranges

    in other words, a number of single days were straight trends of 600 to 900+ ticks in one direction

    liquidity was the same then as it is now... tread carefully around econ reports and known news events to avoid moderate to painful slippage

    for the eternal faders and hapless average-against traders, it was account-balance devastation. for the real traders out there, it was nirvana just like emini trading was in that world-class year
  5. Seems like it was the perfect time to pyramid a contract but it's easy for me to comment today with hindsight.

    :thinking: like pyramiding the cal spread.... hmmm: nice!

    Good Trading All
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    I was day trading CL in 08 it was crazy, made a boat load and lost a boat load :D