What wars is Mitt planning if he wins?

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  1. It looks like he will more than double Military spending which indicates some future war plans.

    I wonder if it means Invading Iran/Syria/Libya.
  2. Anyone have a Clue what wars Romney is planning? This would be key to know.

    Big wars = higher VIX
  3. War is not necessarily a bad thing...
    Today economists say WW2 definitively bought USA out of the Great depression, not the New Deal programs.
  4. Iran,Syria,North Korea.Keep troops in Afghanistan longer.Might even re invade Iraq since he thinks we should still have troops there.

    The Chikenhawk coward who went to France to avoid war himself and kept his 5 sons from serving would love to send other peoples kids to fight and die in as many wars as he can
  5. The fathers,husbands,brothers and sons who lose their lives in wars would probably disagree
  6. we have already been at war more than 10 years and spent more that it cost to do ww2. how is that working out for you?
  7. Ricter


    Is that in inflation adjusted dollars?
  8. Will he start the wars within 6 months if he wins? I am trying to figure out how to time trades. IF he did then I would wait for the wars so I can cash in on a huge VIX spike.
  9. That kind of war is useless. I suggest using no ground troops and turning the Middle East into a big crater which will create the necessary conditions for another infrastructure boom.
  10. no but here are the numbers for ww2. us only spent 350 billion back then:
    Total cost was upwards of $1.6 trillion - many financial records for 1939 are missing, incomplete, misleading or contradictory.For example, there is no data available at all for China.
    Official estimates based on government data:

    USA $350 billion
    UK $150 billion
    France $100 billion
    USSR $200 billion

    Germany $300 billion
    Italy $50 billion
    Japan $100 billion

    All other participants - $350 billion
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