"What type of trader are you ?"

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  1. Van K Tharp's new free test:

    think 'Novice'/'Pro' is just Tharp's differention, I tried both and the
    result was the same

    once you've done the test and read about your Type and your
    'Trading Strengths/Challenges', you can also read the about the
    other 12 Types

    Tharp's Type categories are different and in context objective and
    I found thought provoking, useful and new information providing
    me perspectives I hadn't previously appreciated
  2. cool, thanks. It says I am a "Detailed Trader". Sounds about right... gives some feedback on strengths and weaknesses too which is useful.
  3. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Cool link. Thanks, it's always nice to have an assessment of oneself even if it is somewhat subjective.
  4. I was listed as an "Independent trader".

    Sounds right.
  5. Said I am "One honkin' BADASS trader... should already be rich beyond my wildest dreams"...

    Wonder where I went wrong...??
  6. I am a Planning Trader!

    You tend to be decisive and to the point. You'll quickly assume leadership when it is called for by the circumstances around you. You have the ability to quickly develop and implement trading systems to meet your needs. You have the three core qualities that are essential to being a great trader (i.e. you have the ability to see the big picture, new possibilities and connections between things. You make decisions based on logic and analysis and you are decisive, orderly and do things sequentially). You can easily spot logical inefficiencies in the market and take advantage of them, especially if you are pointed in the right direction. You enjoy long-term planning and goal setting and seem to enjoy learning, expanding your knowledge and staying well-informed...

    One of your Trading Strengths

    Originality and drive; willingness to follow your ideas through to completion.

    One of your Trading Challenges

    Probably so logical that you don't recognize when emotions are causing you to self-destruct.
  7. Sounds bogus. If your really are logical, you reject emotional issues.
  8. Who were your example traders? For Detailed Trader, mine was Warren Buffett. Not my style at all but I wouldn't mine having his retirement plan when I am his age.
  9. Guess what? I'm a "strategic trader" with the exact same strengths and challenges. Deep, eh?

    This smells a lot like a horoscope reading, where everyone is a winner destined for wealth, love and travel. Heck, I didn't even understand the context of some of the questions. But the important thing is that I "have the three core qualities that are essential to being a great trader." As I imagine that everyone does who visits the site and possibly buys something down the road.
  10. The survey is so farkin' vague, any result could more-or-less apply to half the people.
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