What type of relationship do you prefer to have with women?

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Which one do you prefer?

  1. One Night Stands

    6 vote(s)
  2. Prostitudes

    9 vote(s)
  3. Girlfriend(s)

    11 vote(s)
  4. Marriage

    16 vote(s)
  1. One Night Stands

    Somewhat easy to find
    After you have had your fun, you owe nothing in return, you can forget about her pathetic useless ass the next day
    You get to fuck different women
    She cheats on you but that means nothing ;)
    You most likely get very low quality women
    High probability of getting the HIV
    Disgusting since she might have not washed herself since her last fuck the previous night or something

    Having Girlfriends

    Very little responsibility
    Easier to walk out of, basically you can dump her a*s almost when you want
    You don't have to fuck the same person all the time, you can move on
    If she cheats on you, you might find it offensive
    Finding a girlfriend is very time consuming specially if you intend to only keep them for short periods, basically not worth the effort unless you are rich and/or famous and they just come to you

    Fucking Prostitudes

    Easy to find
    You get to choose
    Saves alot of time
    You don't have to fuck the same bitch all your life
    Cheating doesn't make sense
    High possibility of getting infected by HIV and other disease(s)
    Disgusting, someone fucked her just before you
    Might be expensive to some

    Getting Married to a B/Witch (Most american women)
    Initially sometimes it is fun to be around her
    But after sometime you find her very annoying
    and all your days with her become a total waste of life

    Getting Married to a girl who has a good attitude, is good looking and has a decent background
    Worth the time and effort
    If she cheats on you, all your time and efforts are wasted
    You're gonna be fucking the same girl for the rest of your life (most likely)
    It's hard to keep her in a healthy enivroment where she is not exposed to the mentality of the B/Witch, you don't want her to turn into one do you?!

    In the end it all boils down to Quality vs Quantity, you choose!
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  4. sorry guys it's prostitutes not prostitudes, I'm not used to using that word
  5. Any relationship is fine till they need something. Then it's downhill from there. jk
  6. Mine is somewhere in the middle. Have around 3-4 girls that love partying and having fun that you know arn't entirely dirty. Kind of like repeating one night stands with the same girls? Im only 27 so maybe that won't work when im 40.
  7. every female is a hooker

    the only difference is price.
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    this must be the desperate men thread...:D
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    i prefer the 3 week stand
  10. men talking about women doesn't necessarily mean they are desperate, women talk about men 24/7, they even talk about gay men, what does that say about them? that they are fucking damn desperate

    here is how I rate my experience with women, in the order of what I found most appealing to most hateful

    1. getting married
    2. fucking my wife's divorced sister, she's mine and I pay most of her expenses
    3. fucking prostitutes
    4. purposefully ignoring pathetic women
    5. getting girlfriends (ST or LT)
    6. one night stands
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