What type of jewelry do you like to buy?

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  1. viv5468


    Talking about jewelry then I like howlite healing powers stone as I am a true biker so I love to wear this biker jewelry. They made be alive and also look cool. It makes me feel like I am a true biker.
    Source: https://crystalopedia.com/howlite
    What type of jewelry do you like to buy?
  2. Sounds fancy. I don’t dig jewelry tho. All I have is a platinum ring.
  3. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    Haha! Same here. Just a plain platinum band.
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  4. I like old handcrafted Norse jewelry? A few days ago I came across a Vikings jewelry shop that grabbed my attention and I bought a few Cuff bracelets and hammer pendants.
  5. tango29


    I am not into jewelry at all. The wife hates my rants about what a waste of money for jewelry. I have my wedding ring and after 33 years I guess I am used to it now.
  6. I rarely wear jewelry. When I do it's mostly silver pendants and rings with mother of pearl inlays.