What type of information do you use when you trade?

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  1. What type of primary information you use when you trade?

    It is obvious that the more uncorrelated information you use as input for your decision making process the better your "edge".

    For example I am a swing trader (holding stocks for 1-3 days on average). Here is what I analyze (in order of importance):

    1) price - volume - time relationships in multiple timeframes (technical data) for the particular stock
    2) sector technical data (related stocks)
    3) market technical data (nas, dow, s&p)

    That's all. I don't use news (but pay attention) or financial data. I have a long term view about some sectors but that's useless in my short timeframe.

    Of course I don't trade every stock that has a good looking chart, I have some requirements regarding volatility, liquidity, earnings report coming etc. but that only tells me if I would trade it, not how.
  2. price, time, volume.

    watch for fractal patterns (aka "patterns on different time frames")

    look for symmetry.

    trendlines, fibs.


    tick, trin.
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