What TV show do you like

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  1. I like Fringe...

    Found out about it a while back and I think it's really good.

    Can't wait for the new Curb your enthousiasm eather.

    I"m not in the US so any hidden gems I should check out?
  2. Eight


    --Fringe [SciFi Soap Opera Action Adventure]
    --White Collar [Neil Caffrey is so stylish and the plot contrasts the very peaceful and settled life of his FBI handler to Caffrey's complex criminal lifestyle so well]
    --Community [Just funny every time]
    --Castle [All the characters are well developed, not just a couple of main characters and a bunch of props like a lot of other shows. It was funnier at the start but maybe it's winding down, now it's just cute sometimes]
    --Stargate Universe [just bitchin' SciFi Adventure, intense characters, intense technology, intense plot]

    All available for free [recent episodes] at hulu.com and for $8/month can get whole seasons
  3. Ricter


    I'm watching Fringe, V, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Justified.

    Buying them from iTunes--those actors have got to make a living, too.
  4. bronks


    Scrubs. Season 3 (currently). I have Netflix for commercial-less marathons.
    Unfortunately I have more in common with "The Todd" than I'd like to admit...
  5. orl


  6. Lucrum


    Other than occasional reruns of Seinfeld I'm more into The Science Channel, National Geographic, History International and Military Channels. I used to watch The History Channel more until they added all those shows that have little or nothing to do with history.

    WWII in color
    The First World War
    War Dogs of the Pacific
    Battlefield Diaries
    Missions That Changed the War
    Color of War
    Secrets of World War II
    Wings of the Luftwaffe
    Clash of Wings
    Combat Zone
    Digging Up The Trenches
    Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History
    The Real Wolfman
    Investigating History
    History's Mysteries
    Lost Worlds
    Haunted History
    Secret Passages
    Dog Whisperer
    Countdown to Catastrophe
    Hard Time
    Devil's Bible
    Naked Science
    Ultimate Factories
    World's Toughest Prisons
    Alaska State Troopers
    How it's made
    How do they do it
    Forensic Factor
    Wonders of the Solar System
    How the universe Works
    Factory Made
    Unearthing Ancient Secrets
    Under Water Universe
    Modern Marvels
    Battle 360
    Mega Disasters
    The Presidents
    The Revolution
    America The story of us
    Life After People
    WWII in HD
    Sex in the Ancient World
    The States
    Alaska: Dangerous Territory
    Ancient Discoveries
  7. Bob's Burgers, Sunday night on Fox. Funniest 30 minutes on television.
  8. Spartacus
    Gossip Girl. :p
  9. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    Pawn Stars
    Storage Wars
    The Office
  10. Frontline
    Diners, Drive Ins and Dives
    Charlie Rose
    Holmes on Homes
    My Classic Car
    Anthony Bourdain
    Rick Steves
    Austin City Limits
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