what trading style is most profitable

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  1. i would like to know whats more profitable scalping or swing trading and why
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    Depends on the person of course. Find out where your strengths are and then pursue that path.

    Same as in sports you gotta find out where you fit in.

  3. well im a scalper i make 4 to 10 k a month but is it not common sense that you can make more by letting you winners run ?
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  5. well if thats the case i should just stick to what im doing
  6. Can you elaborate? Do you position trade based on fundamentals?
  7. You can be profitable in all styles of trading. It is dependent more on you than on your style. I know various professional traders who spread, swing, scalp (the category that I'm in), trade fundamentals only, trade technicals only, trade news on equities only, etc. They all make money and they all have rough patches.
  8. I agree but from the gains and losses I realized so far I came to the conclusion that swing trading is much more profitable, whatever your size, I found it also less stressfull, especially if you can time your entries so to get already enough in the money on the same day you initiate.
    Or even better is to dedicate a sustantial size of your account for swing/position trading and a small size for daytrading.
    This startegy has given me the advanatge of enjoing a hedge in place where periods of daytrading are not very profitable.

  9. i agree swing trading is more profitable im a pure trader whos a pure tape reader all technical analysis candle sticks linear regression bollinger bands i also i agree swing trader is less stressful you don't have to be in front of your screens watching every tick you just pick your entry points and put in your stops . the question is how to i change to longer term holding which will contradict to my entry and exit points now and what time frame and indicators should i use . im not big on trading off news seems to risky to me im sure others would disagree.
  10. i agree swing trading is more profitable im a pure scalper whos a pure tape reader
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