What trading platform is this ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fluttrader, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Anybody has an idea ?
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  2. nkhoi

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    easy, ask him.
  3. I believe that it is "Think or Swim" also known as TOS.
  4. Yes its think or swim. For a moderate to semi active trader its the best and most informational platform out there
  5. I asked the poster of the image but no reply yet.

    Since they leave out market depth on DOME, I guess the DOME is static ?
  6. mike007


    Why didn't you just ask me in the thread instead of making a new one and asking other people???
  7. mike007


    Its Thinkorswim. They DOMS is not static, I dont have market depth on the /TF, I don't know if anyone does. I have full depth quotes on the /ES /YM and /NQ, it is just that the /TF does not have a full depth.

  8. Mike,

    I sent you a PM , you received that ?
  9. mike007


    Just now got it, you must have sent it inbetween my posts lol.
  10. No, I have sent it before I started this thread

    Does TOS offers MIT orders and where are they held ?
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