what trading platform is best for baskets trading

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  1. kourkafas


    Does anybody know what platform except Anvil and Blackwood allows you to throw limit orders on a basket of stocks using a % change from prior's day closing price?

    Thank you
  2. http://tradelink.googlecode.com

    public class MyBasket : ResponseTemplate
        Basket b = BasketImpl.FromFile("mysymbols.txt");
       override void Reset()
           foreach (Security sec in b)
                // get previous close
                decimal close = BarListImpl.DayFromGoogle(sec.Symbol).RecentBar.Close;
                // send order
                sendorder(new BuyLimit(sec.Symbol,100,close*1.01));
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    Thank you for your reply.

    My firm is offering Sterling as a platform to use, but my trading strategy is heavily focused on sending limit orders on open on a basket of stocks. I don't have a programming background, but if I understand correctly i can incorporate Tradelink on Sterling and program it so that it s customized to what i do. Is this how it works?
  4. yes
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    One more question regarding tradelink. Is there a standard version which has the main functions that other platforms have and can be used independently, or you have to use it in addition to other platforms like sterling, anvil or blackwood?

  6. tradelink is not a broker or clearing service. It's just a piece of software. You can use it indepdently of any broker, but if you want to execute live trades you need a broker.