What trading method should I dive into?

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  1. You can start with scalping. Taking multiple, small profits on very short-term trading positions is a very short-term trading strategy known as scaling.
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    it is a challenge to describe in words.
    anyway ...
    always follow the herd !!!

    be in the first few positions of the herd.

    Never ever be in the last few positions of the herd.

    If the herd goes north, you go north.
    If the herd goes south, you go south too.
    If the herd is going nowhere, don't trade!

    Don't read the book about herd mentality.
    It is a badly written book.
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  3. Hello Specterx,

    Start a real business is very hard as well and waste of time and resources if you get a wrong. You can still lose money.

    Trading is a good thing.
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    A guy named sweetmaryjane69 inquires whether he should learn price action, orderflow or DOM to trade against the smartest guys in the worlds most efficient instruments.

    What can go wrong?
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  5. I would not do swing trading using price action. In real like, market order books do not hold much depth. Most large investors are not trading screens because average liquidity and volumes have declined. Much of what you’re seeing in price is randomness.
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    All three are good and worthy of one's investment of time, depends on whether a particular method resonates with you.

    Al's video series is easier to digest than his written material. His constant reiteration of concepts help to assimilate his perspective of the markets.

    The Axia courses on Volume Profile and using the Footprint tool are great resources and will give objective data on the dynamic interaction of buyers and sellers. Best to assimilate in that order. Very meaty, lot's of depth and illustrates principles.

    Trading the DOM is more advanced and the Jigsaw courses are very good as well.

    It's important to study and fully assimilate the information presented and not just gloss over the material. In subsequent re-readings, one will pu information that will surface that wasn't perceived in the first pass.

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  8. Hello tomas262,

    You are right about that.

    I learned the hard way trying to scalp micros, the broker commission and exchange fees tore my butt up.
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    Starting a real business has real risk. Trading is child’s play in comparison.

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    No demo account in real business.
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