What trading magazines you read ?

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  1. What magazines you read and find valuable ?
  2. tortoise


    Wired, The Economist, and Screw
  3. LOL, any trading magazines ?
  4. Go down to Borders and look for yourself...
  5. Trader monthly, unfortunatly half the stuff in there are just jet timeshares and expensive watches.
  6. None

  7. I skim over ActiveTrader, Futures, and Stocks & Commodities. In my opinion, there is little of value in any of these and the others. Trading forums and blogs are much more interesting and educational as well.
  8. Two of the more indispensable trade magazines are:

    Chicken World

    Rubber and You
  9. jtnet


    trader monthly,

    either hit or miss, some articles / stories are entertaining
  10. The Economist is all you need if you do Global Macro (long/short). Fortunately most people (both retail and professional) seem unable to read in between the lines or make decisions themselves. All you need is a shred of evidence and you research then smash your target. Have you ever watched CSI, see how little they need to chase and get their man !

    Another good one is to short anything that makes it to the front cover of Condenast Portfolio, Forbes, Business Week, Havard Review. Time and Newsweek help with extra tidbits. The New Yorker has great cartoons. Also helps to flip through a poker magazine.

    BOTTOM LINE IS: If you can not deduce anything from an article, form a hypothesis, research and then reject or trade your idea you are better of not using any magazines.
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