what trading is really about.....!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sabena, Apr 10, 2002.

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  1. sabena



    If you really want to known what trading is
    really about then go to www.basicsoftrading.com
    and BUY the E-book.

    It's the same person from www.stta-consulting.

    This guy has a Phd in Maths and Physics, we
    understand each other very good ! :0))

    Just ran into this website 2 days ago.

    Probably my most valuable post....
  2. sabena


    And I don't get a % on the sales...
    By the way it's only 16.99,-$ , this
    book should open your eyes...
  3. sabena


    And a new record on the E-mini S&P volume

    417 344 contracts today,

    Join the club stock traders ! Here you can short

    without an uptick and no market makers games

    or execution problems. I don't any real smart people

    trading stocks by the way....:0))))
  4. sabena



    "I don't known any..."

    again too fast ! :0))
  5. stockman

    stockman Guest

  6. Don't forget to mention that the book could teach anyone how to make millions. You have to pepper your descriptions with "what the experts won't show you," and "what the Specialists have been using for years." Maybe throw in a little contest, and then let people know that "you may already have won $100,000, click on this link to enter." The way you're selling that sporto, I hope this ain't your day job!
  7. sabena



    435 034 contracts.

    We should see 70 % of total volume for the

    E-mini S&P just like now in the Nasdaq E-mini

    by the end of 2002 and then....:0)))
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