What traders' magazine do you guys subscribe?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mizhael, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Anybody reads magazines/papers to enhance their trading?

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I cannot even finish WSJ and FT, not to say Economist, too bad...

    You guys all read these stuff, plus numerous online stuff?

    Too many things to read and too little time...

    Any thoughts?
  3. Not for trading, everything worth knowing is provate knowlege. But the print WSJ religiously every morning for continuing education in finance, Bloomberg online for analyses of evolving events and Marketwatch for breaking events.

    The best thing to read for trading itself is charts!
  4. hughb


    Mr. Doaks! I thought I was the last person on earth who reads the print edition of the WSJ every day. I head straight to the Large and Small Stock focus first thing every day. The Small Stock Focus can sometimes be a chore to read when I know nothing of the companies that are being covered that day, but it's part of my ritual none the less.

  5. playboy penthouse and donald duck once in a while

    keeps me motivated during the day
  6. Hughb, I never even look at the Small Stock Focus, thanks for the tip! Lately the WSJ has been giving me great ideas on how to scam people. The market is one giant psych lab.
  7. hughb


    Good, I'm not the only considering how to pull a Madoff. I'm much too smart to ever be caught, I'm sure I could squirell away a lot more than $50B. I can't decide whether or not to confess on my deathbed though.