What tp trade from 8pm to midnight?

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  1. I have a regular 9-6 job, and do not plan to quit it before I am fully convinced that I can make a decent living by trading. So My trading hours is 8pm-midnight or 7am to 9am Eastern Time. Anything I can trade? Which broker?

    I don't mean to jump into trading right away, but i want to know the stuff that I can trade with my hours.


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    With a regular 9 to 6 job, you need to position trade only. I know this is not what you desire, but it is the way to be successful. I'm serious.
  3. You could trade Forex or put in limit orders on stocks/options when the market is closed.
  4. Before US market:

    DAX, ESTX50, GBL, CAC, European stocks.

    After US market:

    SGXNK, HSI, SPI futures. Japanese stocks.

    24 hr:

    forex cash
    forex futures

    DAX and HSI can sometimes be very volatile.

    All available through IB. No shortage of markets.
  5. This is good advice.

    One thing to watch is that its not just open, it moves during the period you're interested in trading.

    So, after US close the forex / forex futures are not nearly as good as they sound because they tend to be thin and lack trending movement during the Asian session. Similarly in the morning just before the US opens you may find that the european markets tend to have had their morning trend and then wait for the US market open before moving again.

    Best bets: try the SGXNK (nikkei on SGX futures exchange), the HSI (hang seng futures but they open 2 hours after the SGXNK), and STW (taiwan) or SPI (aussie).

    IMHO, you don't want to trade both late and early as you'll burn out. Find one or two markets that move in the period you're interested in and stick with them.
  6. Can the forex data obtained from IB be displayed on Medved Quote Tracker?
  7. trade currencies futs, oil, gold [full size], can all trend well outside rth and they very smooth. u can look at some stocks as well if u can get inside the spread; very large moves on many of the gappers [especially premkt].

    u can also look at companies reportin' durin' ah; u get excellent r/r on the most liquid and heavely traded issues: at times there's double the concentrated rth volumes.
  8. Thank you so much guys. I am in my office now, but definitely will look at them tonight.

    Good luck, everyone,

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