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  1. Hi all,

    so i am a sw dev, aaaand i am without a job so i have time build stuff.

    I was thinking about creating a web tool where one could upload his market data and run some analysis over it.

    Perhaps a tool to find best places for entry (for a break-out strategy or similar). So it would try a lot of price levels (distances to last price of last bar). But that is just an idea so far.

    So perhaps you have a better idea what could work or what is the demand for tools :)

    Anything goes (although simpler is better)

  2. Overnight


    Develop an addictive game as an app. You'll make way more millions than another analysis tool for trading.
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  3. ... you know i was also thinking about games but i dont think i can create a good one quickly.
  4. What language do u know?
  5. newwurldmn


    Maybe a trading app. It can spew confetti every time you put on a trade.
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  6. wartrace


    What "tool" hasn't been developed already? It doesn't seem as if you have a new idea for useful market analysis so why bother?

    ... you know i was also thinking about games but i dont think i can create a good one quickly.

    So you think you can create a good trading APP quickly? :banghead:
  7. I work in scala but that can translate to scala.js so the tool can run in web (it may or may not have an backend)
  8. Real Money

    Real Money

    You want to make a website that could read (in real time) from an excel sheet and have configurable charting and analytics.....

    Is this what you are talking about?

    I would be interested in that.
  9. an tool yes but not an trading app, that would take quite some time. Also games have graphics and design which i cant do really.

    I am also asking myself what is still missed, perhaps i should just run with my own idea (a tool to search for good break-out levels). Even if its out there somewhere i could make it better or more accessible (web rather then some desktop program) and also for free.
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  10. hmm in real time ? so as your local file changes the web/chart should also change?
    what would be the benefit ? also i think its impossible to read the file "in a stream of changes"
    it could be perhaps done if it would not be your local file but on google drive or similar.
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