What to watch with the YM?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mij, May 18, 2007.

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    I trade the YM, and on my screens I have the YM, ES, and INDU. But is there something else I should be watching? Is there an index or other instrument that tends to lead more than the other? pertaining to the YM of course....thanks
  2. The Lucy Show.
  3. The YM/dow is only 30 stocks. I usually stick all 30 on a watch list. I can see which ones are red and green. Also on PT we like to watch $ADD (advance/declinging issues).

  4. Adv/Decl


    program buys and sells




    indexes (small caps, big caps, S&P, SPEWI, etc.)
  5. Mins


    Does the trend in bonds have much of a correlation with the YM? Could you give me some tips with how to use bonds to correctly toidentify trends in the YM.

    Also, any tips how to identify subtle trend changes using correlation between the YM and Crude.

    Thanks in advance and any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I watch YM price only..

    when it goes down.. I buy... and collect free money...

    no other indicators needed
  7. Cant argue with that...........for the moment :)

  8. what does that mean...seriously
  9. If I traded YM, I would watch porn with it. Because YM sucks...:p
  10. I watch YM price only..

    when it goes UP.. I sell... and collect free money... (like today)

    no other indicators needed
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