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  1. I'm just getting into trading, and and studying how to trade stocks. In the books that I have been reading the author makes trades back in the early 2000's. The stocks back then must have MOVED where as now-a-days they really don't move as much. As I paper trade and practice I realize I'm not making as much as this author did back in the early 2000's.

    So what would you recommend a new trader to get into? Other markets in other countries? Futures? Options? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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    If you are looking for move volatility and leverage, futures may be the way to go. You can trade mini contracts if you are not well capitalized, are you day trading or longer term positions?
  3. If you are a new trader, learn how to walk before you try to run. Regardless of how much or little money you have, start with equities. When you get into other mediums the leverage only makes a situation worse or better, depending specifically on your trading ability.

    Put together a watch list of stocks that interest you, perhaps a couple handfuls. Track the DIA, QQQ, SPY intraday and see how they move. There are a bunch of indicators you can utilize with respect to charts, etc. In this regard, check out Quotetracker - its free. You may also want to check out clearstation and Google Finance as well.

    When you understand the basics, mechanics, along with some of the real world mental & operational challenges of trading equities including strategy, entry points, exits, stops, etc. than you can further debate on what your next move will be.